VSI - Vehicle Systems Integration
VSI - Vehicle Systems Integration

About VSI

The orgins of VSI lie in SAVE, a 1980s UK Programme based on the concept of producing a series of standard electronics modules, connected by a standard digital data transmission system.


The restrictions imposed by this approach inspired the VERDI Programme, a collaboration between DERA and Industry which demonstrated the possiblities offered by total systems integration and which yielded crucial information for the subsequent definition phase of this work.


Following on from VERDI, the UK MoD initiated the VESTA (Vehicle Standards Architectures) initiative in the mid 1990s, chaired by DERA, to identify standards suitable for systems integration. The VESTA outputs provided a firm foundation for the work undertaken by the VSI Programme.


The aims of the VSI Programme are:

  1. The identification and evaluation of open standards that will underpin the implementation of such an architectures.
  2. Maintaining a close link between research communities and Industry to ensure maximum technology transfer.
  3. Maintaining a close link with the international vetronics community and, wherever possible, forming international collaborations that are of benefit to the UK.
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